School Dinners

School dinners are served every day for children who choose not to bring in a packed lunch.

School dinners are free for children in Key Stage 1. They cost £2.30 per day for children in Key Stage 2.

Fresh fruit and a choice of salad from the salad bar are available every day, and we serve oily fish at least twice each month. Menus may be subject to change, depending on fresh supplies available.

Weekly Meal Plans

Week Commencing 10 February

Monday 10 February

Main: butcher’s pork sausage (contains gluten)
Vegetarian main: rosemary and onion vegetable sausage (contains gluten and soya)
Sides: herbed potatoes and baked beans
Dessert: organic fruit yoghurt (contains dairy)

Tuesday 11 February

Main: baked potatoes, cheese and baked beans (contains dairy)
Sides: shredded lettuce, sweetcorn and mixed salad
Dessert: fruit and oat bar (contains dairy)

Wednesday 12 February

Main: vegan pesto pasta (contains gluten)
Sides: peas and sweetcorn
Dessert: frozen fruit smoothie

Thursday 13 February

Main: roast chicken and Yorkshire pudding (contains dairy and gluten)
Vegetarian main: vegetable grill
Sides: roast potatoes, sweetcorn, carrots and gravy (contains soya)
Dessert: chocolate cake (contains dairy and gluten)

Friday 14 February

Main: Harry Ramsden breaded pollock (contains fish and gluten)
Vegetarian main: falafel bake
Sides: chips, baked beans and salad bar
Dessert: fresh fruit