Year 2C

Year 2C is taught by Mrs Macdonald

We have put together some activities that you might like to do with your child during the summer holidays.

Design a poster on a theme of your choice. You could design a poster displaying facts about an animal, a type of food, a famous person or a country or place that you’ve visited

Write a letter/postcard to someone telling them what your have been doing or are looking forward to doing

Retell a favourite story in your own words

Make up your own story

Keep a diary

Write some riddles about a food or animal. You could also write an acrostic or shape poem

Word searches and crosswords

Revise halves, quarters and thirds of shapes and numbers

Practise telling the time

Practise making and counting amounts using coins and note

Revise properties of common 2D and 3D shapes

Visit Phonics Play to revisit Phase 6 demonstrations and games

Visit BBC KS1 Bitesize for lots of games and activities

Visit www.topmarks to play maths, grammar and spelling games

TT Rockstars for 2x, 10x, 5x and 3x tables and division facts

Monday 20th July

Maths – Ice Cream Challenge worksheets.

English – Use the link below to listen to the story Dinosaurs and All That Rubbish by Michael Foreman.

Draw a picture of your own ‘paradise’. Write captions explaining what you have chosen and why.

Science – Use these two links to try some fun science experiments at home.

Tuesday 21st July

Maths – Quiz Time worksheets.

English – Listen to the story of Dinosaurs and All That Rubbish again. Look at the part where the dinosaurs emerge from the ground. You could either retell that part of the story in your own words or write some speech bubbles describing what the dinosaurs are saying to each other. You could draw some pictures to go with your work as well.

PSHE – Create a poster showing how we can more responsible in our wider world. Use ideas from the story of Dinosaur and All That Rubbish to help you.

Wednesday 22nd July

Maths – What’s on the Menu worksheets.

English – Design your own ice lolly or ice cream. What flavours are you going to choose? Are you going to have any toppings? Once you have done this think about a name for your ice lolly or ice cream and design a wrapper for it. How much is it going to cost? You could create poster advertising and describing your ice lolly or ice cream as well if you like.

Monday 13th July

Maths – Work through the Money PowerPoint. You do not need to complete all of the slides today as you can work through a few each day. Complete one of the Shopping for Lollies worksheets.

English – Watch and work through the Verbs and Adverbs PowerPoints and complete the worksheet. You can print this out or complete it on a piece of paper.

The summer phonics plan was uploaded last week.

Science – Read through the Keeping Clean PowerPoint and complete the activity described on the last slide.

Tuesday 14th July

Maths – Complete one of the Ice Cream Cost and Change worksheets.

English – Today you are revisiting apostrophes for possession. Work through the PowerPoint (you have seen it before) and complete the worksheet.

PSHE – Work through the Environments PowerPoint. Look at the images showing the different environments – rainforest, arctic, mountain, desert and coastal. Write sentences explaining how each type of environment affects the people living there. Use the slides from the PowerPoint to help you.

Wednesday 15th July

Maths – Complete one of the Summer Shopping worksheets.

English – Today you are revisiting apostrophes for contraction. Work through the Shortened Words PowerPoint and complete the worksheet.

Geography – Read through Features of the Seaside PDF and complete the activities described on slides 16, 17 and 18.

Thursday 16th July

Maths – Complete one of the Coin Multiplication worksheets.

English – Read through A Monster Surprise reading comprehension and then answer the questions. You can choose which set of questions you would prefer to answer or have a go at them all!

Art – This week we are going to look at Surrealism and the sculpture of Joan Miró. Read through the Week 7 Sculpture powerpoint and watch the video (link on slide 2) to find out more about Surrealism.

Friday 17th July

Maths – Work through the Maths Morning Starter PowerPoint.

English – Complete the Suffixes worksheet and handwriting joins.

PE – Your obstacle challenge game this week will hopefully put a smile on your parent’s faces. Can you complete some of these household jobs?

  1. How many toys can you put away in 1 minute?
    Create a timed challenge for daily tidying up – you could even add music to liven up the task!

  2. Speedy Socks
    How many socks can you pair in 30 seconds?

  3. Put something away beginning with…
    Pick any letter from the alphabet and put away all the things that begin with that letter.

  4. Clean-up obstacle course
    Create your own clean-up obstacle course. Think of five household jobs that you could help with. Can you set them up and time yourself to see how quickly you can do them?

Computing – As this is the final week on ScratchJr it is your chance to put together everything that you have learnt. Can you come up with your own idea for a project and create it? There is a Week 7 Scratch Ideas powerpoint for you to look at if you are stuck but what you design is up to you. You might also like to look at the Scratch program online. There are tutorials to help you get started.


Hello – I have attached some fun Thrive activities to try at home to while away a few hours!

Kind regards,

Mrs Russell