Year 3 Mill

Year 3 Mill is taught by Mrs Macdonald and Mrs Laughton

In Computing this half term we have been learning about blogs and blogging. So we decided to write our own. We hope you like it!

3 Mill Blog

Welcome and hello! We are 3 Mill, this is our awesome blog. We will be writing this blog ourselves and Mrs Macdonald will upload it for us. 

We have been working really hard lately and we wanted to share with you some of the things we have been up to. The blog will cover all the things that we have been learning about. We will try to update the blog weekly.


We have had another very busy week in 3 Mill this week through remote learning and the children in school.

In English this week we have been reading and watching Indian folktales, on Friday the children had to write a recommendation for a friend of which version of the story they preferred and why.

This is Solara-Mai’s recommendation for a friend.

Our unit in Maths this week is measurement – length, we have been been measuring length, finding equivalent lengths, converting lengths and adding lengths. Below is Johnathan’s work from Monday where he was measuring length.

Each day the children can choose to complete three Maths challenges; a bronze challenge, silver challenge and gold challenge. Florence has completed all three challenges and one them required an explanation. Watch the video to hear Florence’s superb explanation of how to complete the challenge.

This week’s winners are:
1st place – Dylan (This is the 5th week Dylan has been first for FIVE weeks!)
2nd place – Jasper
3rd place – Daniel

We also had a battle between the girls and the boys – THE BOYS WON!!! Below are the top 3 contributors to the the battle.

Boys – 1646 pointsGirls – 188 points
1. Jasper – 11944 points1. Florence – 2207 points
2. Dylan – 11429 points2. Solara-Mai – 532 points
3. Daniel – 3277 points3. Maggie – 68 points

In D.T. this half term we are going to have ‘The Great British Bread Off’. This week the children researched the history of two of the biggest bread brands Warburton’s and Hovis. Then the children had to pretend they wanted to start their own new brand of bread. They had to answer the following questions – What would be the name of the brand? What would be the slogan?

Here is Huey’s new bread brand.

In Science this half term we are learning about all animals including humans. We started with looking at teeth, the children had to write a description of the different teeth in a human mouth.

Otto’s fantastic work on the human teeth, he has been able to name them, explain what they do and where they are positioned in the mouth,

In Computing this week we have been learning about democracy, The children had to think of ways that we could improve our community. Then the results were collated and we voted for the idea we thought was best from a selection of the top 10 original ideas. The children voted and the most popular idea to improve our community was to ‘Increase the wildlife in Wivenhoe’.

Liang-Ruibin has been completing a project at home all about insects – what Liang-Ruibin doesn’t know about insects isn’t worth knowing. Here is one of his pages all about the green tiger beetle. I think you’ll agree that a lot of work has gone into this and I have certainly learnt something.

In R.E. last half the children were learning all about Hinduism this inspired Mrs Laughton to challenge the children to learn some Bollywood dance moves. The children watched a video of Mrs Laughton’s son Fred explain how to do the dance moves and then they had to practise and record themselves for a video that Mrs Laughton has put together. The dance moves were:
1. Apples in a basket
2. Bee and Flower
3. Twist and snake
4. The chop
5. The Egyptian waiter/waitress

In Music last half term the children learnt the song ‘Three Little Birds’ by Bob Marley, for the children who wanted to they sent in videos of them singing the song. I have put together a montage of the children singing the song. I think they should all be congratulated for being so brave and performing for their friends.


Although the children have worked really hard this week the children have had ‘snow’ much fun playing in the snow. ‘Ice’ made a video that we ‘cold’ share with you. ‘Icy’ lots of happy faces in these videos and pictures, ‘ice’ hope you do too. Get ready to watch because its ‘snow’ time!


This week we have been learning about Diamante Poems in English, the structure of a diamante poem is shown below. We have been brainstorming unusual nouns, vivid adjectives and powerful verbs as well as learning about synonyms and antonyms.

Here is Zac’s fantastic Diamante Poem, he has used some excellent descriptive language which really paints a picture in your mind.

In Maths this week we have started on the statistic block, we have begun by recapping tally charts and pictograms and next week we are moving onto bar charts and tables. This week Solara not only completed the work on tally charts and THREE challenges but she also created her own tally chart to show how many steps her and her friends had done. She even wrote some questions to help people interpret the tally chart.

In History this week we have learnt about the importance of food to the Maya and about the Maize God. This week the children were challenged to follow a recipe and create their own tortillas from scratch, they could then fill them with whatever ingredients they like.

Look at this wonderful tortilla that Maggie made – it’s HUGE!

In Art this half term the children have been learning different techniques such as sketching, shading, blending and 3-D art. The children had to come up with a rainforest picture using some photos as a stimulus but they were free to choose their own technique.

Here is Lawrie displaying and explaining the art that he created.

In R.E. this week we looked at the Hindu festival of Diwali and how some Hindus are reminded of Rama’s victory over the demon king Ravana. This is the start of the Hindu New Year. Some Hindus make ‘New Year resolutions’. The children had to think of their own Diwali ‘New Year resolutions’ that would help them lead a more thankful and generous life.

Here are the things Betsy wants to get better at to be more thankful and generous.

Although this wasn’t a directed task Emily has painted a picture of a panda and wanted to share it on our class blog. Emily is an extremely talented artist and this painting is incredible!


We can’t believe that we are almost at the end of the month! We are all looking forward to Spring and the warmer days.

In English this week we have been really focusing on writing descriptions to help us with writing a prospectus leaflet for Hogwarts.

How wonderfully imaginative is Emily’s description of the Hogwarts castle.

To develop our describing skills we also wrote school reports for either Harry Potter or Hermione Granger. Florence decided to write both! I really like the way she has used the words ‘Her spells are terrifically amazing.’

This description work led us write a prospectus leaflet about Hogwarts, we collected information from different websites to organise (using subheadings) into a leaflet. Here is Solara’s fantastic prospectus leaflet about Hogwarts, it makes me really want to go to the school.

In Maths this week our focus has been money, we have recapped pence and pounds as well as add and subtract money. Johnathan set up his own shop at home so that he could practise and apply his knowledge about money.

In French this week we have been learning the days of the week, watch the video and see if you can learn them too.

The children then had to write about their favourite day of the week, making sure they wrote the French name for the day of the week. Akeelah went above and beyond and wrote the whole thing in French.

In Art this week the children were asked to look at the Deep Forest (by Oenone Hammersley). The picture has created areas that give a 3-D perspective. The children were challenged to try and recreate it.

Mia’s fantastic recreation of the picture ‘Deep Forest’.
Sophia (like most) celebrated her birthday in lockdown this week. We all sang to her during our Google Meet and then after her mum sent me this wonderful picture of Sophia with her birthday cake that they had made using the eggs from their chickens.


The children have had another successful week with remote learning and live lessons. The children wanted to share some of things they have been learning at home.

In English this week we have been exploring the Harry Potter Studios website and gathering information that will help us to write a prospectus leaflet.

We have also been learning about compound and complex sentences, here is a photo of Esme joining to simple sentences together with a conjunction to make a compound sentence.

We have concluded the multiplication and division White Rose Maths block and to finish the children were challenged to play as much TT Rockstars as they could and I would announce the top three winners on the class blog.

1st place – Dylan
2nd place – Emily
3rd place – Johnathan

In Music we are learning the song ‘Three Little Birds’ by Bob Marley, I am hoping to put together a video of the children singing different parts of the song.

This week in Art the children were using the picture ‘White-lipped tree frog’ by Oenone Hammersley as inspiration to sketch, shade and add colour.

Emily’s recreation of the white-lipped tree frog.

In Science we have been learning about the symbols we use when we draw electrical circuits. Look at George’s fantastic diagrams of electrical circuits.

At the end of every week we always have a show and tell. The children love to share something special they have with their peers. This week Amira wanted to share a paint-you-own canvas she had completed. I think it is brilliant and also a really positive message.


This is our first week of completing live teaching as well as remote learning. We decided what we wanted to share in our class call on Friday afternoon. We are going to take it in turns to upload to the class blog. Each child picked what they wanted to put in the blog.

In English this week we have been writing formal letters to Mrs Meacock to persuade her NOT to ban playtimes. The children came up with lots of persuasive arguments against it and then used features of a letter to write to Mrs Meacock.

Jacob’s letter to Mrs Meacock.

This week we have been continuing to practise TT Rockstars. Here is a photo of Dylan practising at home.

In History this week we have been writing information pages about an animal that would be found in the tropical rainforest of the lowlands which was the heart of the Mayan civilisation.

Daniel wrote his information page about spider monkeys.

In French we have been learning to name the different parts of our body. Here is a video for you to learn them too.

This is Maggie’s supper French work!

As part of our Science topic on electricity we have been learning about the dangers surrounding electricity. The children had to design an electrical safety poster to warn other about the dangers of electricity. Here is Huey’s very informative poster.

Mrs Laughton set the children a challenge in Art to look at the picture Iguana Liana by Helen Cowcher. The children had to have a go at sketching the iguana from the picture and try to use shading to recreate the picture.

Iguana Liana by Helen Cowcher
Mia’s interpretation of the picture using sketching methods.

Teddy was inspired by the Art work today and as well as sketching the iguana he sketched a kestrel.


This week we have finished off our Egyptian headdresses and evaluated them. At the end of the process they looked great.

David’s Egyptian headdress.

We have been learning our 8 times table and we have been using Percy Parker to help us.

We sing this everyday.

We also finished out Egyptian fact files. We had to write about 5 or 6 things that we have learnt this term. Some people wrote about pyramids and the river Nile and some people wrote about coffins and tombs.

Emily’s amazing fact file.

In English we have been writing lots of different poems including a haiku and an acrostic poem. We had to use lots of vivid adjectives, powerful verbs and unusual nouns to make them interesting.

We have been practising singing Jingle Bells. We are going to perform it on Wednesday. Wednesday is the school Christmas Carol concert. You can sing a song or read a poem but it has to be Christmassy.


Hello, I have uploaded some fun Thrive activities to try at home!

Mrs Russell