Year 3

Year 3 is taught by Mrs Gray and Miss Huckle

Week Beginning 30.03.20

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Week Beginning 23.03.20.

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This week’s task is a virtual Race Across the World! Over the next five days we are going to visit five famous cities in five different countries. At each destination I want you to locate the city on a world map, then find what country the city is located in. Next, write a paragraph in your home learning book about the city. Information could include the language spoken, what is the currency, what are the must see sites in the city, how many people live in the city, what sort of food would you eat when you visit the city? You can then draw the flag of the country and a picture of you next to one of the main attractions.

Today’s destination: Rio de Janeiro


Today we continue with our Race Across the World – day 2! On today’s journey we travel across the Atlantic Ocean to a new continent. When you reach the destination research our next famous city by locating the country and continent it is situated in, find out about its fascinating history, tell me what countries and seas surround the new destination and draw me a picture of one of the most famous landmarks. Finally, can you work out how many miles you have travelled since you left Rio?!

Today’s destination: Cairo

While we are here, let’s do some Ancient Egyptian maths. Choose which of these activities you would like to do.

How about an Egyptian food activity? Again, you can choose which activity to do.


It’s day three of our Race Across the World, and we leave Africa behind to travel north to our new destination. This is one of my favourite cities in the world – what famous sites do you think I might have visited on one of my trips here? What country and continent are we in now? If you go to a local restaurant, what food would you like to order? Can you find the names of famous people who have lived in this city in the past or in the present? What sort of weather would you expect in each season of the year? And how many miles have we travelled since Cairo, and how many in total so far this week?

Today’s destination: Paris

While we are in Paris, let’s practise our numbers in French. Google BBC Primary French and go to KS2 French BBC Bitesize – the first option. In the Numbers section you will find a video clip of a playground counting game from France – I think you will recognise the game! Play the video to practise your numbers to ten, then you could take some chalk and play the game yourself, or you could write some simple calculations in French, for example quatre + trois = sept.

I have made up a quiz about Paris for you to complete. Have fun!


On day four, we are making a long journey east, to a new continent and a new country. Once you arrive, work out how many miles you have travelled from Paris. If you are up for a challenge, use the column method to add together the distances we have travelled each day so far this week – remember the itty-bitty ones to help you carry to the next column! Now research today’s city – tell me the country and continent we are in. What language do people speak? What are the most common religions followed? What sort of clothing do people wear? Tell me about the climate and any important rivers that flow through the country. What famous leaders are associated with this country?

Today’s destination: New Delhi

For our maths challenge today, I’d like you to look at this recipe for a very tasty aubergine curry:

The recipe is for 2 people. I’d like you to imagine we have 6 people coming for dinner, and work out 3 times as much for each ingredient. How about for 8 people – that means multiplying all the ingredients by 4! And what if we have a party for 16 guests – you need to multiply by 8 in that case! Do as much or as little of the challenge as you like, and remember to keep up the Times Tables Rockstars – I have your login details if you can’t find them.

Finally, let’s go for an art task today. Imagine you are just outside New Delhi in the town of Agra, sitting in the gardens in front of the Taj Mahal. The building is one of the most beautiful in the world, created by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in 1632 for his wife Mumtaz Mahal. One of the most remarkable thing about the building is that it is completely symmetrical on all four sides. I would like you to draw a picture of the Taj Mahal, remembering when we talked about perspective in our lesson on Raphael, and how it can give the illusion of distance on a piece of 2D paper.

So Year 3, any guesses for where our final destination will be tomorrow as we end our Race Across the World?


This is our last leg of our Race Across the World. Well done to all the children who have been sending me work – I have been amazed by the quality learning you are producing at home. For our final destination, I thought it would be fun to end up in a place famous for being relaxed and laid back – sitting on the dock of the bay, wasting time. As usual, I’d like you to work out how many miles we have travelled from New Delhi – a great deal, as we have had to go across the whole of the Pacific Ocean to get here. And can you work out the final total of miles for our entire trip? For your final research, can you tell me the country and continent we are in now? What is this city famous for – there are many famous landmarks in this amazing city. How do people travel around? What is the name of the bridge in the photo? What sort of food is popular here? What is the weather like today?

Our final destination: San Francisco

San Francisco’s famous American football team is called the San Francisco 49ers. 49 is a square number, and we have been talking about these while we have been learning our times tables. For your maths challenge today, I’d like you to investigate square numbers. A square number is the product of a number multiplied by itself, for example 1 x 1 = 1, 2 x 2 = 4, 3 x 3 =9. Can you find all the square numbers up to and including the 12 times table? (You can have a bit of adult help with this one, it is quite tricky!)

Many of you will recognise the above photo from my laptop’s screen saver. As I explained early in the year, it is a photo of Muir woods, a beautiful national park just outside of San Francisco. It is famous for having an amazing collection of ancient redwoods – huge trees that are incredibly old and remarkably beautiful. I would like you to draw me a picture of your favourite type of tree – it could be a redwood, or it could be an oak, perhaps a willow, or maybe a cherry blossom. Take this opportunity to relax and unwind – we have come to the end of our journey.

I hope you have enjoyed our Race Across the World, Year 3. I have had a lot of fun setting the daily challenges for you! If you would like a final, extra challenge, get out a globe or world map and create your own Race Across the World and send it to me. Where will I travel to when you are in charge?!

Have fun! Mrs Gray.

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Hello – I have attached some fun Thrive activities to try at home to while away a few hours! kind regards, Mrs Russell