Year 5

Year 5 is taught by Mr Tetley

Easter holidays!

It is officially the Easter holidays! I have uploaded an Art project which i think looks quite good fun!

Keep busy, keep reading and exercising and, stay in touch! If you have any pictures, photos or other things you would like to share – email:

Stay well, happy and healthy!

Friday 3rd April

Hello, everyone! Today is the last day or term! The Easter holidays are here, so one or two of your tasks have a chocolate theme! I have (what I think!) is a fun art project for the holidays which I will upload later.

I will still be here everyday, so please keep sending your lovely pictures and bits from today’s work and your art project; all of it is definitely cheering me up and hopefully, is keeping you all cheered up too!

The Kilgannons are doing lots of lovely walks! And I love the menu!

Thursday 2nd April

Good morning everyone! I hope you are all staying safe and well?! We are all still well in my household – Miffy and Maya keep us entertained! Yesterday, we lost Maya the cat for a while – we couldn’t find her anywhere! We finally realised she had managed to get into the shed but couldn’t get back out again! If you have ever heard the expression, ‘curiosity killed the cat’, it could have been the case here! Silly girl!

Anyway, here is today’s work! Keep sending in all your lovely pieces – I am keeping them all safe and will share them when we all meet up again… And keep sending all the fantastic pictures. I will keep sharing them, even over the Easter break!

Wednesday 1st April

April Fools Day! Believe it or not, this is a celebration which has been around for hundreds of years? Did any jokes happen in your home? We went for a lovely walk and saw the same muntjac deer again which was lovely. We also saw an animal home and we weren’t sure if it was a foxhole or a badger sett – I have posted a photo – let me know what you think?

Have a lovely day and keep sending the photos!

Tuesday 31st March

Morning all! Isn’t it a beautiful morning? What a difference to the weekend! Here are today’s tasks and I will now upload some more of your lovely pictures. Please keep them coming – even if it is not one of you, but of a pet or a piece of art work – they are really making lots of us smile!

I found this link to Colchester zoo – you can watch animals be fed etc. This is one you will need to ask your parents for help with (and permission) as I think it is via Facebook.

Monday 30th March

Good morning everyone! I hope you are all happy and well and ready for some more tasks and challenges! We had an interesting day yesterday – wasn’t the weather fascinating?! It meant we had two fence panels blow down and a power cut that lasted four hours. Adam had not charged his phone so there was a lot of moaning from him! We had a fun time though with a few games of Cluedo!

Here are the tasks for today – I will then upload a few more photos!

The Maths activities I have uploaded here were actually meant for tomorrow! See how you get on!

I have found a link to a game called ‘Spoons’ – it looks fun, in a very simple way! Just follow the link below!

Here are couple from Beas’ timeline; when she was in hospital and on her first day of school, looking so sweet!

Saturday 28th March

Morning everyone! I have decided it makes more sense to put each new post at the top of the page each day, but please remember to keep scrolling down to look at all the happy pictures of your friends! I have no tasks today because it is the weekend; it might be worth logging the weather for each day and any little things you have done at home. Keep practicing your song – maybe do some moves to go with it!?

Perhaps you could help cook today’s meal and lay the table?!

Here are a few more photos, that I have been sent! Please keep sending them in! Mrs R x


Hello Year 5!

I have the beginnings of a project for you to work on at home! This is to try to enable us to keep work going while the school is closed.
Choose a country from anywhere in the world.
Explain which continent it belongs to.
Note all the countries which it shares a border/borders with.
Draw a map of your country, putting in the Capital city and any other large cities.
If you can -scan it and email it back to me, or take a photo of your work and email it!
Have fun!

Hello – I have attached some fun Thrive activities to try at home to while away a few hours! Kind regards, Mrs Russell

Here is a link to help stay fit with Joe Wicks – a news article which gives you the necessary information…

Monday 23/03/2020

Hello Year 5 children and parents!
I have been thinking hard about what we can do to keep your learning as fun as possible, and you all stay happy…
So, firstly, what I would like you to do is start a journal; you may call it what you wish, such as ‘My isolation diary!’ or anything which will make you smile! This is something you will be able to look back on when you are adults and remember what you were doing during this strange time!
Some of you took an exercise book home this week which is to use for most of the activities I will give you. If you were already away from school, don’t worry; if possible I can hand a book through a window to a parent or you can use a notebook or paper from home, or, even build up a journal using ‘Word’ or ‘Power-point’ or a similar tool from Apple or Google.
If possible, keep writing by hand for a lot of your tasks, so that you don’t lose that vital skill!!!
Each day, I will give you activities and work to fill your journal with; some will be writing, some will be about reading and book recommendations and some will be Maths tasks. Others will be a range of things for you to try and then write up about, using photos and diagrams. I will also be asking you over the days to work on a Geography project: you can chose to do this n your journals or keep as a separate piece of work – like an information book about the country of your choice.
Try and keep it all beautifully presented detailed – when we do all meet up again, I will hand out some prizes for those that have clearly put a lot of effort into their work!

The daily tasks will be provided with a link/attachment for you to download.

Tuesday 24th March 2020

Please find some tasks for today; there is no panic to get every task done every day. Please do what works for you as a family!

Wednesday 25th March 2020

Hello everybody! Here are some more activities to keep you going! Today there is a the usual word doc. but I have also uploaded a couple of worksheets for Maths; one for today and one for tomorrow! Sending all my love to you all! Stay happy – until tomorrow, Mrs R x

A big ‘shout out’ and well done to the following, who have done some super work so far: Addi, Pablo, Isabella, Leni, Miriam, Oliver and Tyler! Keep going!

Here are a couple of lovely pieces of art so far:

And Miffy and Maya – my cat and dog – also wanted to say ‘Hello!’

If you have some photos you would like me to share, please let me know – it may be the only way we see each other for a few weeks!

Thursday 26th March

Good morning everybody! We have another lovely sunny day ahead of us, so I have got some quite simple tasks for today…

I am adding Max, Sam and Bea to the ‘shout out’ of wonderful work and will be adding some photos of you chaps very soon! Have a great day everyone!

Here are some more gorgeous drawings and photographs of the last few days…

Some of you have also sent videos and Power-points which I would love to share! Please be patient with me – I am new to this website stuff (most of us have always relied on the skills of Mrs Sparrow!)

I have just had a kerfuffle in our garden – a HUGE dog suddenly appeared from nowhere and chased Maya up a very tall tree! Miffy was very excited! We have just got her down (Maya). I have a photo of the tree but we forgot to take a photo of her in it! All is now well – we quite enjoyed the little bit of excitement, although I am not sure Maya would agree!!!

Now a ‘shout out’ to Lucy, Mina, Stanley Rose and James W for their brilliant work! Super stuff chaps!

Pour les enfants à la maison 👍👍👍

Posted by Toufik Hiboux on Wednesday, 18 March 2020
I saw this and thought it looked interesting – let me know if you can’t get it! x

Friday 27th March

Good Morning! Sorry that I am posting so late! I have been on an adventure to find groceries which has taken a while!!! I left my house very early and have just arrived home!

Here are today’s tasks! Keep sending your lovely pics and I’ll keep uploading them!