Year 6

Year 6 is taught by Mrs Barnard and Mrs Russell

Good morning all!

The last day of home learning from me before I see you all on Tuesday! All I want you to do today is write a 3-4 line memory of something that happened at Millfields – it could be funny, happy, sad! This is to share at our streamed Leavers’ Assembly.

I have also uploaded the words for Hall of Fame and The Cups Song for you to practice for the Assembly… That’s it!

Have a lovely day – I’m really looking forward to seeing you! Mrs R x

Thursday 9th July

Good morning everyone! I’m really looking forward to seeing those of you who are coming back for a bit next week!

Today I am uploading an escape room (English) puzzle and some other puzzles for you to try: an emoji maths sheet and a word search! Nothing too complicated – it is near the end of term!

Don’t worry if you can’t print -work out the answers on scrap paper or your work book!

Have a great day!

Friday 3rd July

Morning! I set some of you a cooking challenge on the Google Meet session on Wednesday – how are you getting on?

Here is today’s work – we are carrying on with Frida Kahlo today – have fun!

Thursday 2nd July

Hello everyone! I hope you are keeping well?

We are going to be looking at the famous Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo over the next 2 days… I hope you find it interesting!

Friday 26th June

Good morning everyone – a bit damp today!

For today, I would like you to carry on with the work you started yesterday. I have also uploaded a reading comprehension call d ‘The Curse Of Cogston House’ which I hope you enjoy!

There are 3 levels, (and the answers, so don’t peak) so choose which one works for you!

Have a great day! Mrs R x

Thursday 25th June

Morning chaps! It was so lovely to see some of you yesterday! We have arranged another meeting for 1.30pm next Monday 29th June. I am going to email the link to your mum’s emails. I can also put the link on the Google Classroom in case some of you others at home want to join us!

Friday 19th June

Good morning! It’s nearly the weekend! Yay!

I’ve tried to keep it simple today – I hope you have a lovely day!

Thursday 18th June

Morning all!

I hope you are all staying safe and well. I will set up a Google meet via the classroom tomorrow – but please let me know if you want this to happen on our classroom site beforehand!

Dip in to what you can with today’s work – I hope you all enjoy the Mayan Masks!

Friday 12th June

Good morning all!

As you can see, I have put up a painting by a very famous artist! The reason will be clear when you see your tasks!

‘Starry Night’ by Vincent Van Gogh

Thursday 11th June

Good morning chaps!

I hope you are all staying well and positive? I am at home for the next couple of days so if you would like a catch up chat in a small group or just on your own, email me or let me know via Google classroom. I haven’t had any photos to share for a bit so would love to see some!

Friday 5th June

Morning chaps! I

If you managed the cooking yesterday, I hope it went well? If you haven’t, please don’t worry – it’s all meant to be fun! It was lovely to see some of you yesterday on Meet. I will do another at 12. If I am a bit late – don’t worry – I will be there, but may have lost track of time!

Today, the tasks are quite simple – it is nearly the weekend after all! 🙂

We are looking at the Ancient Maya still – writing and numbers.

Maya is pronounced ‘My-a’

Thursday 4th June

Goodness me – where is the time going?!!

Today, we are continuing with the Mexico theme and looking at the Ancient Maya who settled in the south of Mexico and a lot of Central America. This happened at the time when the Romans were powerful in Europe.

On the Maya History Doc. the picture is covering the writing. If you download the doc. it should work! I have had reports it is not working properly!

Friday 22nd May

Thomas with his Quesadillas con Salsa Picante!

Hello everyone! We are thinking about Mexico for Geography today! There is a very traditional Mexican recipe , a bit more map work and work on pie charts.

I hope you have a lovely day – it’s half term!!

I will send a small project for you to work on when Monday comes ( but only if you want to!)

Mrs R x

Thursday 21st May

Hello everyone! Today is outdoor learning day, so two of your tasks are about outdoor learning!

I will set up the chat for midday as usual – it would be lovely to see as many of you as possible!

Have a lovely day , enjoy the sunshine and see you soon!

Mrs R x

Ruby made the Mexican hot chocolate – and enjoyed it!

Friday 15th May

Good morning Year 6! I hope you had a good day yesterday!              

I had a very busy but lovely day at school and can’t wait to try and get back into some sort of school routine!

I hope you enjoyed the tasks – send me pictures of your work and I will share them!

Today, the focus is on Mexico; it is in North America, but links the North and South parts of the continents well. You all know I am very fond of Mexico, and I know that some of you have been there; if you have – tell me what you liked best about the country!

Have a great day – I hope you like the hot chocolate recipe – a la Mexicana!

Thursday 14th May

Good morning everybody! I hope you are all feeling happy, safe and well? Everything is fine here at Casa Ayala! That means Ayala House (my real surname!)

I am in school today so won’t be able to do the chat at midday – I will do one tomorrow though!

We will be doing a bit of geography work over the next few days, with a focus on Mexico. Today the focus is on the American continent. I am hoping you budding artists are going to draw /paint me some beautiful Jaguars maybe even make some models/sculptures?!

I have uploaded the task sheet as well as the information and work sheets you will need. Have a great day! Mrs R x

Theo has written some beautiful poetry, inspired by the vikings – pleas read it!

Look at these beautiful drawings – please keep them coming!

Monday 11th May

Learning on Google Classroom with Mrs B.

Hi everyone! Here is a few photos from the weekend; if you got up to something on VE day – please share!

We had some lovely visitors to our garden this weekend; on Saturday two Roe Deer strolled in from the fields behind our garden, and yesterday a beautiful fox came right up to the patio! Anyone who knows me will be aware how much I love foxes and all British wildlife, so this really made my month. I’ll try and get our wildlife cam going to see if the badgers are still visiting too!

We were able to view him (?) from our bedroom window! We could not get any of the roe deer! We think it was a dog fox (male) because I heard on calling. The vixen makes a different sound.

VE DAY – 75 Years: Friday 8th May 2020

Morning chaps – please send photos of your VE Day celebrations and commemorations – if you are doing something – it would be lovely to see you all!

Thursday 7th May

Reminder – I will try to do the google meet at 12!

Good morning Year 6!!! I hope that all of you are well and happy and coping with life under lockdown?!

I am really happy to be back with you all and am hoping you will start to send me lots of happy pics of you being busy, which we can share with each other on our Year 6 page of the school website. If you don’t want to share a photo, perhaps you have a lovely piece of art work or a pet you would love us all to see. I have done this with the Year 5s so have a look at their page for inspiration!

I will get this started with some photos from my first few weeks of lockdown… I have posted some of these on Year 5 too, so there may be some repeats, but I don’t take many photos!

My photos are underneath the work I have set for today!

Have a great day! Mrs R xx

We had a fantastic day making Viking food today – we made a whole meal of nettle soup, bread and blueberry juice. Your task is to write a sentence about each of the recipes – each sentence should contain a subordinating conjunction. eg Although the soup looked rather odd, it actually tasted really good! Please bring your sentences in on Monday.

Some of the children wanted the recipe – here is a copy – it’s so easy to get the ingredients together – why not have a go in the Easter holidays (and don’t forget to take photos:)

Here is a photo of us in our fantastic costumes…!

It took the whole day to make the 3 dishes – it didn’t help that the oven stopped working and we set the smoke alarm off!

Hello – I have attached some fun Thrive activities to try at home to while away a few hours! kind regards, Mrs Russell