Welcome to the Millfields Online Art Gallery!

Please keep sending us all you lockdown art – it could be anything – a painting, a sculpture, a collage… It can be school related or just anything that has inspired you!

A really stunning piece of art work by Emily, Year 3
‘Midnight Dream’ by Mina, Year 6. Wow!

Masah in Year 3 has produced this stunning toucan!
Tala, Year 5 has been super busy with all the a
fantastic pictures above!
Bryonie, Year 1 and her really beautiful butterfly collage!
Super, Super Heroes! by Titan, Year 1
The Farm by Alicia, Year 1

Thank you for all the beautiful art work, Alicia!

A fantastic football pitch collage by James, Year 1
An absolutely stunning eye by Mina, Year 6

‘Alma on a Sunny Day’ by Alama, Year 1 – beautiful!

Beautiful colour work by Mina, Year 6
A stunning Lion! By Bea, Year 6
‘The Mandalorian, featuring Baby Yoda’ by Danny, Year 4
Beautiful Zoo Models by Betsy, Year 3
A fantastic Mayan Fresco by Milly, Year 4

A stunning ‘Cobra in the Desert’ by Year 4
Mayan Mask by Mia, Year 4 – Well done!

A lovely Mayan fresco by Samuel, Year 4
‘The Rising Sun’ , a Mayan fresco by Miles, Year 4. Well done!
Mayan Fresco by Noah, Year 4. Fantastic work!
Tower Bridge by Rose, Year 2 – Wow!
Mayan Prince by George Year 4. Well done George!
‘Panda’ by Emily, Year 3. well done Emily!
A wonderful ‘Self Portrait’ by Rufus in Reception